Robert Ettinger Cryopreserved

From the Washington Post: "Robert C. W. Ettinger, a physics teacher and science fiction writer who believed death is only for the unprepared and unimaginative, died July 23 at his home in Clinton Township, Mich. He was 92 and had suffered declining health in recent weeks, said his son David, who could not specify a cause. 'We're obviously sad,' said the younger Ettinger. But 'we were able to freeze him under optimum conditions, so he's got another chance.' Mr. Ettinger is widely considered the father of the cryonics movement, whose adherents believe they can achieve immortality through quick-freezing their bodies at death in anticipation of future resurrection. Mr. Ettinger's frozen body is being stored in a vat of liquid nitrogen at a nondescript building outside Detroit, home to more than 100 fellow immortalists - including his mother and two wives - who are awaiting revival. If all goes as Mr. Ettinger envisioned, he will remain in a period of icy stasis for decades - or perhaps centuries - however long it takes for doctors, armed with technology of the future, to defrost him and restore him to good health. ... Mr. Ettinger was a little-known community college professor in the mid-1960s when he wrote the founding document of cryonics, 'The Prospect of Immortality,' a manifesto that described the practical and moral aspects of deep-freezing the dead. Introducing what he called the Freezer Era, Mr. Ettinger described a world in which people would become nobler and more responsible as they were confronted with the reality of living forever." It is important to note that cryonics nowadays is less about freezing and more about vitrification: ice crystal formation is minimized amd thus so is cellular damage.


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