The Digital Aging Atlas

Researcher João Pedro de Magalhães and colleagues are working on a new online resource: "We have developed a new web portal to integrate molecular, physiological ,and pathological age-related data that may be of interest. ... The Digital Ageing Atlas is a portal of changes covering different biological levels. There are currently portals for both humans and mice. The idea is to integrate molecular, physiological and pathological age-related data and create an interactive portal that serves as the first centralised collection of ageing changes and pathologies. ... It allows users to search and retrieve age-related changes at different levels, allowing a better understanding of the interplay between such changes and obtain new insights. We also think this will be an important new resource for modelling and for the systems biology of ageing and hope you will find it useful. Although so far we focused mostly on human aging, a preliminary mouse version of the portal is on-line already."



Many of us humans try to delay the ageing process. The available technologies for the people provides for corrections to numerous ageing symptoms. Each one of us also accumulates in their lifetime personal knowledge to help us live longer. However, there are numerous factors involved that we are not even aware of, and it is extremely difficult for us to acquire personal experience on those unknown areas. That's where the collective knowledge of the people comes along and this knowledge must be properly collected and presented through the internet to those who can trace for the presentation of that knowledge. Your site and effort is commendable for trying to collect as much data as you can, and make them available to us over the internet. Keep up to good work.

Posted by: John at January 18th, 2012 3:32 PM

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