The First Official SENS5 Videos Now Online

The SENS Foundation volunteers are doing a great job on the video for this year's SENS5 conference, a gathering of researchers working on the foundations of rejuvenation biotechnology that was held at the start of this month. Take a look at the traditional conference photo, which is pretty much a who's who of the cutting edge of aging and longevity research, as well as important figures from the cryonics industry, funding groups, and advocacy community. The Foundation has opened a YouTube channel for conference video, and the first ones through the pipeline are posted.

I recommend starting with the SENS Foundation CEO's presentation, which is a good overview of the SENS agenda and progress for the layperson:

The remaining videos presently online are for a presentation on autophagy, the collection of processes by which cells recycle damaged components. There is every indication that autophagy may be usefully manipulated to blunt some of the degenerations of aging:

You can find more of an introduction to autophagy and its importance back in the Fight Aging! archives:

The better known life extension mechanisms in lesser animals are all driven by changes in autophagy - or so say the autophagy specialists. It's true that the various hyperspecialized communities of modern biology are overly cloistered and ignorant of one another's research, but the autophagy researchers are assembling compelling evidence for this position.

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