The Next SENS Foundation Los Angeles Chapter Meeting is Wednesday October 5th

There will be a SENS Foundation meeting in Los Angeles this coming Wednesday, October 5th. The following is from the Foundation's coordinator Maria Entraigues; if you're in the area an interested then RSVP to the email address provided below.

It's been a long time, since the last occasion that we got together! We at the SENS Foundation have been very busy working harder than ever to take our accomplishments to the next level, and it's been very fruitful. We would like to share this with you in this very special gathering in a most delightful setting.

This will be an exceptional occasion, we will be very lucky to have our CSO, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, presenting some important remarks, as well as our CEO Mike Kope giving an extraordinary presentation. On top of this, we will have special guest Ms. Sonia Arrison, author of the book "100 Plus - How the coming age of longevity will change everything, from Careers and Relationships to Family and Faith." She will engage in a conversation with Aubrey about her new book. Each attendee will get a free copy, and she will be happy to sign it!

Apart from feeding your brain to total satisfaction with interesting and remarkable information, we will also feed you with delicious finger food, beer, and beverages and to make the night "100 Plus" percent perfect, we will have live music by Ancient Lasers closing the event!

Date: Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Time: 6:00 PM

Location: The beautiful house of the Finfers
173 North Anita Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90049
(Brentwood, near Sunset and Bundy)

6:00 PM -- Reception
7:00 PM -- "100 Plus" Panel, with Author Sonia Arrison and Dr. Aubrey de Grey
7:30 PM -- Q&A
8:00 PM -- Presentation by Mike Kope "The Rise of Rejuvenation Biotechnology"
9:00 PM -- Live music by Ancient Lasers (mingling and networking)

Please RSVP by e-mail. I can't wait to see you all!

Maria Entraigues
SENS Foundation Global Meeting Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator

The SENS Foundation has a growing presence at both ends of California. As you might know, the Foundation's research center is in the Bay Area, and a number of the research institutions in California have both a strong interest in aging research and ties to the Foundation. Some of the folk formerly participating in research at the Foundation are even a part of the biotech side of California start up culture nowadays. Which is not to mention the presence of philanthropist Peter Thiel and his interest and connections in longevity science, and a range of other interested supporters. Connections and relationships are what make the world go round, and one purpose of the ongoing series of Los Angeles meetings is to help enlarge that web of support so to better enable the future growth of the SENS Foundation - and alongside it the new field of rejuvenation biotechnology.


This is real exciting and I can hardly wait.

Posted by: Al Genist at October 3rd, 2011 7:34 PM

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