Sardinian Longevity and the Role of Exercise

Extreme Longevity notes an Italian study: "Sardinia [is] especially rich in male centenarians. The present study was undertaken to quantify and determine which particular lifestyle and nutritional variables endemic to Sardinia males accounted for their extreme longevity. The authors point out that no genetic differences have been found between Sardinian males and less long-lived males found elsewhere in Italy so they reasoned lifestyle choices were more likely causative of their longevity than genetic factors. The researchers specifically compared the frequency of several dietary choices and lifestyle factors between men of Sardinia and Italian men not from Sardinia. It was particularly surprising that diet alone didn't account for the differences. The frequency of meat, cheese, wine, grain and nut consumption was identical in the two groups. Total daily caloric intake was slightly but insignificantly lower in the Sardinian men. The most significant difference found was in the distance to work and average slope of the terrain between the men of Sardinia and those from other regions. The researchers conclude it is likely the large amount of daily physical exercise required to walk long distances up steep mountain climbs that has led to the increased longevity of Sardinian males. They point out the effect of physical exercise on extending longevity is becoming widely recognized, appearing at the conclusion of many scientific articles."



It's because of their wine! I am not joking, the Cannonau grapes of Sardinia have the highest concentration of resveratrol.

Posted by: Ivo Quartiroli at October 7th, 2011 6:08 AM

The role of language cannot be overestimated, it can be ONLY underestimated.
Longevity there may be due to:
- Sardonic laughter and humor, and not taking anything too seriously;
- Greeting each other upon meeting and parting with "Let you live to a hundred years".
Interestingly enough, when they meet an elderly person (who can be around or above 100), they greet him with "Let you live to a hundred and fifty!"

Posted by: Plamen Panayotov at September 29th, 2013 11:51 PM

Well after reading several reports from all over the shop I was kind of convinced that the way to go was Paelo! But have recently looked at the Sardinian lifestyle including diet. Paelo advises no grains dairy or sugar basically and they suggest alcohol isn't the best thing but their data is based on evidence from 10000 years ago. The Sardinia longevity phenomenon is the lifestyle reports are basically within the last 150 plus years until NOW!!! What I like about the Sardinian diet is their consumption of antipasto goat cheese whole grain breads red wine out door exercise and laughter! My goodness I thought I was Australian but I love all of the latter OMG I must have Sardinian blood in my veins!I'm a retired 67 yr old aussie and am doing as much as possible to stay at least another 30 plus years out of the ground...and I've just become an Italian. Love Percorino cheese but cant find Sardinian red wine like Cannonau here in Thailand

Posted by: Robert at December 13th, 2013 6:31 AM
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