Cryonics Magazine, 4th Quarter 2011

The latest Cryonics issue is out: "The 2011 4th quarter issue of Cryonics magazine is dedicated to the 'father of cryonics,' Robert Ettinger, who was cryopreserved on July 23, 2011. Alcor staff member Mike Perry contributes an historical piece on Ettinger and Mark Plus and Charles Platt write about his influence on contemporary cryonics, futurism, and the cryobiology community. Cryonics editor Aschwin de Wolf compiled Robert Ettinger's mature thoughts on the feasibility of 'mind uploading' and situates his outlook in a broader philosophical context. This issue also features a detailed article by the Alcor Board of Directors and Management about member underfunding and its associated challenges for Alcor's long-term financial health. Alcor member, and prolific science fiction writer, Gregory Benford is featured in this issue's member profile."



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