Longevity Bulletin No.2 from the UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

A PDF document that I think you'll find interesting: "Reports on the latest research of what makes us unhealthy, or what could make us live longer, are common from magazines, newspapers and websites. Often, the messages get shortened so that it sounds like one risk factor dominates. The reality is that the way in which many relevant risk factors work together is still not yet fully understood, and there is an element of chance affecting the longevity prospects of each of us. ... the overarching context is consistent improvement in longevity worldwide. Life expectancy has only ever declined in a few countries subject to specific and significant negative mortality risk. While we need to examine the trees of individual risk factors, there is much to be said for pausing to look at the woods of the consistent achievement in longevity progress. Longevity Bulletin aims to provide a regular guide to the prospects for long lives. It presents and explains actuarial perspectives on population longevity and looks outside the profession for statistics, research and the latest thinking on related subjects. It is not intended as a comprehensive guide to everything new in longevity research but rather as a helpful companion for those interested in a most intriguing subject."

Link: http://www.actuaries.org.uk/research-and-resources/pages/longevity-bulletin


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