Cynthia Kenyon at TEDGlobal Earlier this Year

I had been meaning to point out video of Cynthia Kenyon's TEDGlobal presentation recorded earlier this year and posted online last month:

Kenyon, as you might know, leads the Kenyon Lab at UCSF, and was one of the first to demonstrate meaningful life extension in lower animals through single gene mutations back in the 1990s. We've come a long way since then, even if progress towards longevity-enhancing biotechnology and growth in public acceptance of that goal seems painfully slow while you're living through it a day at a time. As Maria Konovalenko of the Science for Life Extension Foundation points out, it is sometimes encouraging to read the public comments on a presentation like this one and see a great many generally positive opinions expressed:

The more TED Talks about ways to intervene in aging processes we have, the faster people all around the world would understand the feasibility of life extension therapies. By the way, I was glad to see that there are quite a lot of folks, advocating for longevity in the comments discussion about the video. I think this is another sign of TED audience becoming more and more educated and open-minded in regard to the idea of radical life extension. I would like to address the TED events organizers and ask them to do more talks on the topic of aging.
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