Better Choices Lead to Greater Longevity

The ape inside is troubled when it learns that someone else has more than you do - which is something that you should strive to ignore if you like living in a peaceful society. The lesson to take away from this article and research is that the generally better choices made by the wealthy when it comes to health are equally available to near everyone - the effects of diet and exercise outweigh most other factors in the wealthier nations, assuming that you didn't suffer rare bad luck in your genetic legacy. "Wealthy people possess more than just spending power. They also have more time to live than poor people do, a new study has found. The wealthiest people in the United Kingdom live longer than the poor, according to a new study from the U.K.-based Longevity Science Advisory Panel. Male higher managers and professionals in the U.K. have a life expectancy of 83.8 years, and female higher managers and professionals can expect to live 86.7 years, in contrast to workers with routine tasks who die about three years earlier. The study found that the longevity gap has widened between the rich and poor over time. While male lower management and higher management had virtually the same life expectancy in the early 1980s, now their longevity gap has widened to almost a year, according to the study. Similarly, while male workers with routine tasks died two years earlier than male higher managers in the early 1980s, now male workers with routine tasks die 3.5 years earlier than male higher managers on average, according to the study. The study said that poorer people die earlier because they tended to lead less healthy lifestyles. The study pointed to less access to health services, alcohol consumption, smoking, and obesity as leading to lower life expectancy."



This is good news in the sense that it proves (beyond reasonable doubt) than healthier lifestyle brings longer life however it's sad knowing that lower classes have more limited access to healthier choice being because of ignorance or access to less resources.
There still so much work to do then!

Posted by: Mike at January 24th, 2012 2:21 PM
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