Developing a Diagnostic Platform for Aging

A brief overview of one of the lines of work advocated by the Science for Life Extension Foundation: "Aging biomarkers are parameters that always, and in all people, change during aging. It is possible to evaluate and improve therapies that are aimed at slowing down aging, using the biomarkers of aging. The value and changing dynamics of aging markers provides information about the intensity of aging processes in the cells of the patient. Aging biomarker monitoring allows us not only to diagnose various diseases, but also to prevent their development. Aging can be slowed down. At the moment, there are already several scientific approaches that could lead to slowing down aging, and extending life. Scientists have been able to significantly extend the lifespans of model animals. Now, it is time to apply the biogerontology knowledge in clinical practice. To understand if a given therapy is effective or not, first of all we compile data via conventional clinical tests to create the 'electronic health passport.' After that, we can perform measurements of the aging biomarkers listed in the table. The indicators will inform us if the therapy is working. Soon we will be able to look at thousands of parameters, obtained using genome and transcriptome sequencing, epigenome mapping and analysis of proteome and metabolome. The additional data will make the anti-aging therapies more precise. ... view our entire booklet that lists twenty (20) aging bio-markers."


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