SENS5 Video: Trachea Tissue Engineering

The trachea is certainly having its fifteen minutes of fame these days. Tissue engineered tracheas are one of the better present examples of the near term possibilites of regenerative medicine, and there is a sense of justifiable pleasure in the concrete evidence of progress. So naturally there was a presentation on this brach of clinical research at last year's SENS5 conference.

The ramifications of stem cell research and therapy are enormous. We provided evidence that stem cells can be successfully applied to laryngo-tracheal and windpipe transplants for adults and children but why not imagine to use stem cell therapy in patients with otherwise untreatable end stage diseases of the respiratory system?

Why not, indeed.


How and where can a person find out about trachea transplant research and who would be a candidate for such a procedure. I have a restricted airway and have had several surgeries ,the restriction is due to a MVA in 1976 ,Last year my doctor said that there is not much more available to increase the size of my airway. Any Suggestions would be helpful.

Posted by: Greg Butler at February 24th, 2012 8:22 AM
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