Intern at the SENS Foundation this Summer

Are you presently working on a life science or medical degree? Are you interested in advancing aging and longevity science - research that aims to extend the healthy human life span and reverse the causes of age-related disease? Do you want to intern this summer at the SENS Foundation, one of the most important young non-profits in the world?

In the summer of 2012, the Academic Initiative will bring as many as three students to the SENS Foundation Research Center in Mountain View, California to participate in SENS research for three months. These students will receive monthly stipends and, if they are not local to the San Francisco Bay Area, a credit towards airfare.

Undergraduate, graduate, and medical students may apply, as may students who have graduated immediately prior to the summer. After an initial selection process, the most promising candidates will be interviewed over the phone by the SENS researchers they would work with. Each major research program at the Research Center will limit itself to one intern, such that each intern will be working on a different project and will be selected by different researchers. It will be important for applicants to have prior lab experience, and more experienced applicants are more likely to be accepted than relatively inexperienced ones.

The application is available online here. Applications are due by March 31, 2012. The most promising applicants will be interviewed in April. As always, if you have any questions, you can contact us.

Chances to work on the foundations of world-changing research programs don't wander past the window every day. Beyond that, the SENS Foundation is a great place for younger researchers - people who are serious about longevity science and have a genuine interest in advancing the state of the art - to come into contact with a network of more experienced peers, fundraisers, and advocates that will serve well in later years. Connections are what makes the world go round, and certainly what advances careers and opens doors.


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