When I'm 164: An Interview With David Ewing Duncan

Author David Ewing Duncan is presently touting a new book on aging and aging research entitled "When I'm 164". Here is an audio interview: "With a new understanding of the biology of aging, we may be on the cusp of pushing life expectancy to ages once considered unimaginable. Journalist and author David Ewing Duncan in his book When I'm 164, examines the potential technologies that could lead us to radical life extension and some of the consequences should science bring about a dramatic demographic shift. We spoke to Duncan about his book, how close we are to scientific advancements in the area, and why not everyone wants to live forever. ... While riffing on the Beatle's song 'When I'm 64,' the book surveys the increasingly legitimate science of radical life extension - from Healthy Living and Genetics to Regeneration and Machine Solutions - and considers the pluses and minuses of living to age 164, or beyond; everything from the impact on population and the cost of living to what happens to love, curiosity, and health. He shares classic stories and myths of people determined to defeat aging and death, and offers real-life tales of the techno-heroes and optimists who believe that technology can solve the 'problem' of aging. Concluding that anti-aging technologies will probably succeed in the next 30-50 years despite his earlier skepticism, he brings us back to the age-old question: 'will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm...'"

Link: http://www.burrillreport.com/article-will_biotech_double_life_expectancy.html

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