Cell Transplants to Rebuild the Retina

An example of the sort of work presently taking place aimed at retinal regeneration:

The researchers worked with mice that are blind due to complete loss of the light-sensing photoreceptor cells in their retinas. This is the most relevant mouse model for treating patients who are blind from retinitis pigmentosa. After two weeks, the researchers showed the cells transplanted into the eye had re-formed a full light-detecting layer on the retina and the mice could see. The cells used were mouse 'precursor' cells that are on an initial path towards developing into retinal cells.

A pupil constriction test showed that, of the 12 mice that received the cell transplant, 10 showed improved pupil constriction in response to light. This shows that the retinas of the mice were sensing the light once more, and this was being transmitted down the optic nerve to the brain.

"We found that if enough cells are transplanted together, they not only become light sensing but they also regenerate the connections required for meaningful vision. Stem cells have been trialled in patients to replace the pigmented lining of the retina, but this new research shows that the light-sensing layer might also be replaced in a similar way. The light-sensing cells have a highly complex structure and we observed that they can resume function as a layer and restore connections after transplantation into the completely blind retina."

Link: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/01/130107160413.htm


This looks great! aside from fighting aging, it could restore sight. My sons retinal just detached from the eye and he has lost his vision. This technology would restore his sight. I would like to stay updated on the progress.

Posted by: Karen at May 24th, 2013 3:09 PM

Hi Sir,

My daughter was shoot by a mano gun by somebody, her eye was effected and the retina is detached and now she can't see any thing.

I want to ask that is it possible to repair or transplant or rearrange the same retina to recover the vision.

She is now 11, and we are disappointed to recover her sight after subsequest medical chech-ups.


Abdul Rehman

Posted by: Abdul Rehman at May 16th, 2014 5:20 AM

Is this also a treatment to toxoplasmatic chorioretinis? My son lost almost 90% of vision due to this disease. I always find news concerning cells transplant to rebuild retina but always talking about retinitis pigmentosa, never about toxoplasmatic chorioretinis that in a certain way is very similar to retinitis. It's an infective disease instead being degenerative like retinitis, but at last the damages on retina are the same. Is there someone that can tell me if transplant cells is also a way to rebuild retina damaged by a toxoplasmatic chorioretinitis?

Posted by: Larry Santos at June 1st, 2015 12:42 PM

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