News from the International Longevity Alliance

Here is news from the newly formed International Longevity Alliance, the umbrella group for the brace of single issue political party initiatives that have arisen in the past year in Europe and Russia:

On January 5, the second general meeting of the leaders and activists of the International Longevity Alliance (ILA) took place. [The] meeting took place in an extremely cooperative and constructive atmosphere. About 18 collaborative projects were initiated right there and then. The exact organizational structure, goals and ways to join the projects will be elaborated and announced soon, in the "Projects" section of the ILA website.

To facilitate the collection of knowledge, exchange and distribution of free and accessible information about longevity, a Wikipedia project was initiated. A related item is the Collaborative Knowledge Management project that will provide a repository of information on aging and longevity researchers and research centers, as well as providing linking tools. And yet another form of knowledge collection and sharing will be the creation of Educational Platforms on longevity, for different audiences, lay and more academic.

There is an overarching "Linking Researchers" project, initiated to facilitate the interaction with and between researchers in the field. [The] Denigma project will be the main IT platform in the creation of the repository of information on research of aging, and linking of researchers.



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