A Podcast Interview With Aubrey de Grey

An audio interview with Aubrey de Grey of the SENS Research Foundation:

Like it or not, aging is a byproduct of the daily activity of life. But Aubrey de Grey believes that the molecular and cellular damage that defines aging and creates disability and disease can be targeted for medical interventions that restore health and radically extend life. We spoke to de Grey, chief scientific officer and founder of the SENS Research Foundation, about the need to think differently about aging, how a new era of regenerative medicine might slow or reverse its effects, and why it is necessary to focus on medical interventions rather than prevention to have a significant impact.

In this interview, Dr. de Grey discusses SRF's approach to treating the diseases of aging, and how it differs from most of the research being done today in gerontology. He also talks about his own background, and how he came to the field.

Link: http://www.burrillreport.com/article-forever_young.html


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