SENS Research Foundation Site Redesign

The SENS Research Foundation works on the foundational biotechnologies that will be needed to create therapies capable of reversing aging: ways to make mitochondrial DNA damage irrelevant, removing harmful aggregates that build up with age within and between cells, and so forth. The Foundation staff kicked off the first phase of a major site redesign earlier this year, and rolled out the second stage this past weekend. So head over and take a look:

If this is your first time visiting our site, welcome. If you've been here before, you're no doubt noticing plenty that is new: an updated site design, a variety of new content, a new logo, and a new organizational name: "SENS Research Foundation".

It all centers around a new tagline: reimagine aging.

For a public charity, a tagline can be an enormously powerful thing. Our vision and mission statements remain the primary guides to our planning, but the tag is everywhere, on every business card and letter and web page. More than any other document or phrase, it naturally becomes the daily reminder of who we are and what we are about.

Of course we are still "advancing rejuvenation biotechnologies" just as vigorously as when we carried that tagline over the last couple years. We still aim to introduce a new premise for the pharma and biotech industries. And now, our successes in our research, our collaborations, our conferences, and our educational programs have made us increasingly aware of the need to refocus our messaging to people being exposed to us for the first time.



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