Aubrey de Grey: Defeating Aging

Staff at the British Institute of Arts and Ideas have been putting presentation and interview videos up on YouTube of late, presumably to help drum up traffic for their forthcoming festival of philosophy and music. (It is billed as the "world's largest philosophy and music festival", which seems a low bar to be aiming for, for all that it looks to be well assembled as an event and populated by noted speakers). A couple of videos of biogerontologist and longevity science advocate Aubrey de Grey can be found amongst those uploaded recently, the presentation below being one of them:

It has to be said that there are a lot of presentations by de Grey on YouTube now. Anyone looking for an explanation of the SENS approach to rejuvenation biotechnology or the work of the SENS Research Foundation in video format is spoiled for choice. It's getting to the point at which someone should assemble a video primer to guide newcomers to the best of the introductory presentations first, and then list the rest by topic and the degree to which you need to understand SENS and the underlying life sciences in order to appreciate it.

That said, with the SENS Research Foundation's latest redesign, sending people to watch the short videos on their homepage is a good first option.


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