Videos from the SENS Research Foundation Evidence Studios Event in December 2012

A great many videos relating to the SENS rejuvenation biotechnology program and the SENS Research Foundation can be found online these days. There is often a long lag between an event and videos of that event being posted, however. So it's hard to tell whether I'm a little late or very late to notice these two videos from a SENS Research Foundation event at the end of last year; they were posted earlier this month.

SENS Research Foundation celebrated its progress in 2012 with a party at Evidence Studios in Los Angeles on December 20. CEO Mike Kope delivered the evening's first presentation, describing the organization's growth and maturation over the past year. Rice University's Dr. Jacques Mathieu followed with an in-depth description of current LysoSENS research. Finally, CSO Dr. Aubrey de Grey gave an overview of each extramural project that SRF is funding, including research at Cambridge, Harvard, and Yale.

The LysoSENS program that aims to clear damaging intracellular aggregates from our cells by searching for bacterial enzymes that can be used as a basis for designing precisely targeted drugs. So far several candidates have emerged for some of the compounds that show up in our cells with advancing age. You can find out more about this research program at the SENS Research Foundation website.


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