Celebrities Reimagine Aging

A growing number of celebrity figures publicly support the work on human rejuvenation carried out by the SENS Research Foundation. That work is nothing less than building therapies to treat, halt, and reverse degenerative aging. Researchers employed by and associated with the Foundation labor to create biotechnologies that can repair the known and identified causes of degenerative aging, the low-level forms of persistent damage that occur in and around our cells.

SENS stands for the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, the research plan to take us from describing known forms of biological damage all the way to the therapies that can repair that damage. At this point the SENS research programs are detailed and fully realized: they draw from existing work that has taken place over the past few decades in laboratories around the world, and in some cases just a few years of a dedicated, fully funded research program would be enough to produce the first demonstration of specific forms of biological repair of aging in mice. Other portions of SENS need much more work - but in all cases, it is very clear just what has to be done to get to the point of a working therapy. The only hurdles remaining are funding and public support.

Thus we come to the support of celebrities and public figures, people who tend to straddle the worlds of wealth and attention, the two line items that are needed to speed and expand work on SENS. The SENS Research Foundation showcases some of their celebrity supporters on the carousel page linked below, such as Edward James Olmos, Ray Kurzweil, and Peter Thiel:

SENS Research Foundation Celebrity Reimagine Aging Campaign

If you want to change the way you think about aging, you've come to the right place. This page features exclusive thoughts on the topic from leading actors, musicians, celebrities, and visionaries. You'll see how everyone's views on aging are different - and how the research that we're funding right now draws from the most positive aspects of them all.

Aging today is like tuberculosis at the dawn of the 20th century: a blight upon the human condition, a scourge to be eradicated, and the medical community beginning to head in the right direction to perform that eradication. As SENS Research Foundation supporter Peter Thiel says of aging:

Almost every human being who has ever lived is dead. Solving this problem is the most natural, humane, and important thing we could possibly do.

If you happen to be one of the celebrities or public figures in the Fight Aging! audience, allow me to point out that you could do some good here. Join the Reimagine Aging initiative, and lend your voice and influence to supporting the work of the SENS Research Foundation, still the only organization on the planet to have undertaken the vital role of coordination, funding, and advocacy for the development of rejuvenation biotechnology. The future of medicine, including ways to reverse aging and rejuvenate the elderly, will arrive at the pace it is developed. Speeding that pace is a matter of greater public awareness, understanding, and of course funding. The more help we all give to this cause, the more likely it is that we will live to see our old age abolished, our suffering alleviated, and our healthy, active lives restored - and to know that we aided in saving billions of lives from an early, slow death.


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