The LongevityMap Online Database

The team recently added a new online database to the collection available at the site:

The LongevityMap is based on manually-curated data from over 200 genetic association studies of longevity. Each entry includes a brief description of the study and major findings, as well as the specific population studied and other relevant information. Entries are mapped (if appropriate) to genes, chromosomal regions and SNP ID which can be queried.

Negative results are also included in the LongevityMap to provide visitors with as much information as possible regarding each gene and variant previously studied in context of longevity. As such, the LongevityMap serves as a repository of genetic association studies of longevity and reflects our current knowledge of the genetics of human longevity.



I’m trying to locate a pioneering longevity study done in the 1950s on centenarians in New York City. I only heard about it years ago and know nothing more than this:

The study of X centenarians found that some were vegetarians, some were not; some smoked, some did not; some exercised, some did not; some drank, some did not. Lifestyle appeared not to be a factor in their longevity.

But mindstyle did appear significant. Two psychological elements were held in common by the subjects. First, they had a sense from early in their lives that they would live a long life. Second, they had a reason for maintaining life in good health, namely, they felt needed in a meaningful way by family, friends, social circles, etc. They were being of service, which was rewarding to them.

Can anyone identify such a study or perhaps other studies which reach the same or similar conclusions?

Posted by: John White at August 4th, 2013 6:31 PM

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