October 1st is International Longevity Day

You might recall that the advocates of the International Longevity Alliance have declared October 1st to be International Longevity Day. They hope to gather official recognition and use this yearly event to raise awareness of longevity science, the need for greater funding of rejuvenation research, and the moral imperative to lengthen the healthy human life span, eliminate frailty, and defeat age-related disease:

International Longevity Day

Some time ago the idea was raised to celebrate a special day by the longevity movement - the LONGEVITY DAY. Now an excellent opportunity to do this is coming the 1st of October, the official United Nations International Day of Older Persons. Let us make the Longevity Day on that day - the 1st of October this year! Let us hold meetings and other events globally!

Longevity Day

Making the Longevity Day on October 1: So far, people in about 30 countries have expressed their willingness to hold dedicated meetings and other events on that day. The day is especially significant as, on that day, we have an excellent opportunity to link in the public mind the issue of AGING with the issue of ANTI-AGING research that is probably the only means to truly address and ameliorate the problem of aging.

Longevity Day Appeal - October 1

An additional way of promotion is: Support our petition to celebrate the International Longevity Day during the International Day of Older Persons. This can be done in several ways:

1) Sign the online petition and spread it among your friends and on social media. The petition is also featured on the newly established Longevity Intelligence Communications (LIC) site dedicated to promoting petitions related to longevity.

2) Participate in the physical signing and mailing of the petition (to be sent to International Organizations, Governmental Offices, Associations of the Elderly, Scientific Societies, etc.) As a first option, the petition will be sent to the UN (the authors of the "International Day of Older Persons"). If you are interested in doing so, please contact us.

3) Download a template of a flyer containing a short version of the petition. You can modify it as you see fit: change the text, affiliation, country, logo, slogan, links, etc. - as long as the spirit of support for Longevity and Longevity Research is maintained. Or print it out as it is and distribute it among friends, at your school, health club, etc. Engage people in the topic. Or upload it and spread it online.

You can download the flyer template from the Longevity Day Facebook page.

Please consider spreading this message. With some minimal effort we can create a series of highly influential and positive events, promoting the advancement of Healthy Longevity for All through Support of Scientific Research directed toward that goal!



Posted by: Donald at October 1st, 2013 6:03 PM

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