SENS Research Foundation News and 2014 Summer Scholar Program

The latest mail from the SENS Research Foundation notes that the doors are open for students to apply to the 2014 Summer Scholar Program. Talented students studying molecular biology and regenerative medicine have a chance to advance their career prospects while working on cutting edge projects: you can see some of the work accomplished by past interns at the Foundation as an example of this type of program.

Keeping an eye on the long term, this is one of the important organizational Foundation projects. Building rejuvenation biotechnologies is a project of a few decades even if fundraising and persuasion goes well. Those researchers at the peak of their careers who will lead the final stages of work on first generation rejuvenation therapies are still in school today - and public perceptions of biogerontology remain far from what they should be. It is still very necessary here and now to demonstrate to younger researchers in the life sciences that biogerontology is not a boring niche, but rather the exciting, barnstorming, revolutionary early years of the next generation of medicine. This presently small field will grow to dominate and define the mainstream of medical research and development by the 2030s and beyond - a showcase for all the best and brightest applications of molecular biology, genetic engineering, cell therapies, and other presently young fields. Opportunities for achievement, scientific fame, wealth, and the saving of lives on a grand scale will abound in the years ahead.

2014 SRF Summer Scholar Applications Are Here

SENS Research Foundation is proud to offer undergraduate students the opportunity to work with world-renowned leaders of the regenerative medicine field as part of the 2014 SRF Summer Scholars Program.

SRF is again partnering with the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM). In addition, three new universities will be participating in the Summer Scholars Program this year.

The Centre for the Advancement for Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI) will be hosting SRF Summer Scholars at the University of Oxford and the University College London. And, student research will also be conducted at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and Harvard School of Medicine.

Students interested in conducting research to combat the diseases of aging should visit We also invite you to forward the program flyer to any university, organization, or student you think might be interested in a paid regenerative medicine internship this summer.

The Foundation hit their November 2013 goal for $100,000 by the end of the year. Many thanks are due to to all of you whose donations helped to meet the impromptu matching funds that were assembled at the end of last year in response:

SENS Research Foundation Year-End Fundraising Campaign a Success

In November 2013, SRF announced our year-end fundraising campaign. We set a goal to raise $100,000 in a little over six weeks. You, our supporters, came through for us in an incredible way. Everyone at SRF was thrilled by the overwhelming response. We initially received 3 grants from the Methuselah Foundation, Jason Hope, and Fight Aging! Each offered to match the first $15,000 we raised. We then received an additional grant of $15,000 in December from Michael Cooper.

All in all, we raised over $105,000 in donations and matching grants. We are so grateful to everyone who helped make it possible for us to meet and even exceed our campaign goal. We would also like to thank our sustaining supporters, individuals who have arranged to donate to us monthly all year long to help fund our efforts to fight age-related disease. And of course thank you to all of our matching grant providers.

Watch your inbox throughout the coming months for exciting news about our plans to further expand the work of SENS Research Foundation. Our mission - to transform the way the world researches and treats age-related disease - can only be achieved with your continued support.

"We all want to live longer, healthier lives. In order to achieve this we need to change our approach to medicine. It's not just about treating, it's about preventing." - Jason Hope

Thank you again for all your support in 2013 and into the future.


Many thanks are due to to all of you whose donations helped to meet the impromptu matching funds that were assembled at the end of last year

Many thanks are due to you, Reason, and to Jason Hope, the Methuselah Foundation, and Mike Cooper for making that matching donation multiplier happen and bringing out the commitments of so many others! Those monies will go to critical research in rejuvenation biotechnology, and helping these talented young science students to emerge as the first cadre of self-understood rejuvenation researchers.

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