Activism For Rejuvenation Research Should Follow the Model of High-Profile Activism for AIDS and Cancer Research

A point is made here by Maria Konovalenko of the Science for Life Extension Foundation, who has been involved in the past couple of years of work on starting single issue longevity science political parties in Europe and Russia:

If a given idea has 20 million followers, it doesn't need a state to win. It has already won. It can form an alternative system of decision making on the Internet, i.e. create the crowd-power.

Radical life extension is the strongest idea in the history of mankind. The Pirate party and the Green party may serve as an example of how the international life extension party will be created. First of all, there has to be a circle of people who share the same value, and separate flamboyant actions that highlight this value. Just like Greenpeace performed this action when they sailed to the island where the nuclear testing was about to take place.

However we are aware that radical life extension idea still hasn't got enough followers, and public actions are needed to attract new supporters, because actionism is also quite fascinating. Maybe we should float 400 coffins into the Hudson River so that people will see with their own eyes how many people die in New York every day.

Another way of using the power of the crowd is crowdfunding of scientific experiments. And it's important to say that there are such experiments that possess the power of political acts, meaning they extend the limits of what's possible and set the direction of further movement.



The SENS channel on YouTube has been uploading some excellent new videos from the 6th SENS conference. They are well worth watching if you didn't attend the conference. And don't forget, if you like the research you see in the videos and want more research like that, you can donate at the SENS website.

Posted by: Carl at February 4th, 2014 8:19 AM

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