More Attention for "Death is Wrong"

I like to see advocates setting forth to create small scale initiatives like the children's book Death is Wrong and the associated fundraiser to distribute copies. At the large scale a broad advocacy movement for a cause in medical research isn't a monolithic thing; it is made up thousands of such efforts, a tapestry of individual who each thought enough of the cause to stand up and do something about it. More of this is always a good thing, and working towards a cure for degenerative aging is the most worthy of causes that I know of.

Donating to the right sort of cutting edge research is one approach, and the one I favor, but equally we have to get out there and persuade more people to do the same. Money has to come from somewhere. There is always a balance between raising research funding to get the job done versus funding the cost of gathering more supporters and thus making it more likely that greater amounts of research funding can be obtained. Research results help to convince more people to fund more research, but there is never enough support in the early crucial stages - the really large amounts of research funding arrive after the most important work is done, as is the case for every trend.

The starting point for large amounts of future funding and rapid progress towards actual, real, working rejuvenation treatments is some mix of research funding and advocacy initiatives today, however. All such efforts should be encouraged, as it is through them that the longevity science community finds its way to a louder voice in the public sphere, a taller soapbox from which to persuade and educate. Aging is a horror, the greatest cause of pain and suffering in this world of ours, and we stand at the verge of being able to do something about it - but only if many more people come to think that this cause has merit and make their own contributions to help out.

Praise for Death is Wrong, a delicious transhumanist book for children

Death is a disease, and hopefully future scientists, perhaps including the young readers of the book, will find a cure. Previous generations thought that death is inevitable, and invented delusional fake philosophies to make death easier to accept. This reaction is understandable - if you can't avoid something, you look for ways to accept it - and explains all usual rhetorical babbling in praise of death: "overpopulation, make room for the young, death is a tool of evolution, boredom after a long life," and the utterly idiotic "death gives meaning to life." The book deconstructs all these fake "arguments" and calls them what they are: understandable but pathetic attempts to rationalize the inevitable.

Provocative strong messages get heard, and teaching children that death will be cured is very provocative in today's dull, defeatist, politically correct cultural climate. I think writing for children forces to keep things clean end simple, without big words and endless caveats, cutting through the noise and getting to the point. Clear, clean, and simple communication focused on the core message, with qualifications and caveats (if they are really needed) in footnotes, is something that transhumanists should practice more, and writing for children is a good way to learn.

Spreading the Word That Death is Wrong

Who could have thought a month ago that an illustrated children's book on indefinite life extension would become a fiercely, passionately discussed phenomenon not just in transhumanist and futurist circles, but on mainstream publications and forums? And yet that is exactly what has happened to Death is Wrong - certainly the most influential and provocative of all of my endeavors to date. I am thrilled that it is precisely my pursuit of this most fundamental and precious goal - preservation of the life of every innocent individual - that has achieved greater public exposure, controversy included, than anything else I have ever done.

Review of "Death is Wrong" by Adam Alonzi

Death can be cured. Let this sink into your brain, not because it is comforting, but because it is true. Even obvious truths will not gain acceptance unless we vigorously campaign against the falsehoods. Death is not something to embrace, and it is not something to ignore. To turn it into a matter of metaphysics or "bioethics" is insulting to those who, by no fault of their own, are burdened by the ailments of old age. There are many extraordinary men and women who could go on working for hundreds of years if their stars were not designed to dim so soon.

Having read through the amazon reviews I can see that they are generally positive, but there is some disappointment that the bpok focuses on dismissing arguments about why lifespans should not be extended, rather than on how this will be achieved.

It would be good if he could write a second book, with more pictures, on how to reverse the damage of aging.

Posted by: Jim at April 7th, 2014 11:01 PM

It might be better if the book on how to reverse the damage wasn't a parable with characters, but was more an illustrated Dorling Kindersley (DK) guide to reversing aging.

Posted by: Jim at April 8th, 2014 12:35 AM

I don't think this is a helpful area of discourse. The people that need to be influenced are adults with money and aside from that it's not so much that death is wrong it's that we wish to develop medicine that is fundamentally different from conventional medicine. That should be what people are made aware of rather than an argument about metaphysics or a world view.

Posted by: Michael at April 8th, 2014 6:33 AM

Yes, I agree with you Michael. I was thinking a 'DK guide to SENS' would actually be more useful to give to adults than children. It might be the only thing that could actually get some of my friends to read about this stuff.

As a publicity stunt 'Death is wrong' was actually pretty good though. As death is one of those slightly taboo subjects for adults to talk to children about (along with Sex, the nonexistence of Santa etc). The author may have gotten a similar mildly shocked response by writing a book called "Santa Claus doesn't exist".

Posted by: Jim at April 8th, 2014 2:57 PM

That is right to teach youth ,, the right things while they young ..because *Death is wrong* to become through must take time and many effort , to become true,..not just one year or two,..
So, this job need present young people to follow up ,while they belive what death is wrong..
We also need to teach mature , death is wrong too, at least the mature won't against us and eventually support us what we are doing now! Fighting age not to death..
what we accept as sentenced waiting to death,.we need unlimited time for space travel..stay with family member. enjoy and enjoy..
Live is so wonderful

Posted by: Dr. James, CC Chen at April 16th, 2014 4:39 AM

Adam's Children's book, "Death Is Wrong" is well written to children, it reaches them, and helps to establish new thinking patterns, that will change this world. Patterns, to put importance on the life span. A great interest for them, thus develops in the Medical World. It helps to establish the possible, of making ones mortal life much longer. Learning that there is vast knowledge, ignored in today's society, and the children can change this, and make life expectancy much longer. Children are the seeds of tomorrow. By offering this knowledge to them, he gives them direction and insight, teaching them that "Death Is Wrong", offers them the determination to change today's view and bring into their present as they grow, awareness and determination to learn how to change the disease of growing old, and work hard to learn how to make the human body healthier and able to live 100's of years longer.

Posted by: Trisha Anne Barr at May 28th, 2014 9:47 PM
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