The 2015 Alcor Conference Will Be Held in October

The cryonics industry conferences hosted by Alcor take place every three years. The last was in 2012, and if you take a look at the Alcor YouTube channel you'll find videos from the event. These conferences are well attended by scientists in various fields, and the presentations are always interesting. The next conference in the series will be held later this year: the date is October 9th and the place is Scottsdale, Arizona:

We hold the Alcor conferences only once every three years. We heard from many people who didn't make it to the 2012 conference who expressed regret after hearing about it from those who went. This will be a rare opportunity to network and hear about progress in numerous areas directly from those involved.

We will very soon start announcing speakers and topics. For now, we plan to cover repair and revival scenarios, rehabilitation, and reintegration; the evidence supporting cryonics; how a regular person can afford cryonics and best plan for funding it and their own post-revival life; legal challenges and progress; multiple approaches to eliminating fracturing and other forms of damage; and much more!

This conference should be the largest cryonics conference yet, and we want the videos of sessions to serve a powerful educational and inspirational purpose for years to follow. There is already a substantial list of possible speakers and sessions but it is not too late to suggest your own ideas! Get your thoughts and suggestions in soon though, because the program will fill up over the next few weeks.



I won't be attending the conference, but I'm very interested in "multiple approaches to eliminating fracturing" since that would put me a lot closer to considering cryonics arrangements. I would certainly watch that presentation video.

As it stands, although it's not inconceivable that some highly advanced technology could repair a brain fractured into glassy chunks, it's a big plausibility barrier. I can't be motivated to schedule my own performance of Humpty-Dumpty on ice.

Posted by: José at March 9th, 2015 5:02 PM

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