Horizons: Extending Lives, Defying Mortality

Here is a link to the presentation page for a recent BBC program on initiatives aiming to give us control over aging and death, with video clips on cryonics and SENS rejuvenation research:

We are in an era of disruptive technologies and innovation. Keeping resources, property and people safe and in good health, protected from the environment, disease and the passage of time are all imperative for mankind to thrive in the decades ahead. For instance some scientists think that we're close to a breakthrough in radically delaying ageing, if not halting it entirely. This comes at a time when life expectancy is increasing and there are ever more people on the planet.

Every innovation in healthcare also takes us a step closer to protecting more lives globally. But many tests are still decades old. Things are now changing. We're getting smarter at detecting disease earlier. We also have more powerful diagnostic tools. There has never been more potential to save people's lives. At this point in time we are now seeing an exponential growth in medical diagnostic and recording devices, our future physicians and doctors will be even more prepared for tomorrow's challenges.

In this series we look at those identifying the causes of ageing. We meet a world famous brain-trainer, who is looking at extending the life of our brains though exercises. Our reporters look at new affordable tests for pancreatic and liver cancers, as well as more efficient ways to detect disease from malaria to Hepatitis. From the developing to the developed world, innovation in the fields of protection are being democratised, barriers are coming down and allowing new discoveries to upset established norms. We have never been in an era of such exciting and disruptive potential.

Link: http://www.bbc.com/specialfeatures/horizonsbusiness/seriesfive/episode-3-extending-lives/


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