Fundraising Posters: Spread the Word that We're Matching SENS Donations Dollar for Dollar

Last week we launched the Fight Aging! fundraiser for SENS rejuvenation research programs, work on the biotechnologies needed to repair the cellular and molecular damage that causes aging and all age-related disease. Do we want to see meaningful progress towards the defeat of degenerative aging in our lifetime? Yes, yes we do. We will be matching dollar for dollar all donations to the SENS Research Foundation until either the end of the year or our $125,000 matching fund runs out - whichever happens first. Obviously we'd love to see the community hit this target, as that would mean an extra quarter of a million dollars for the best lines of early stage research into ending frailty and disease in aging. As of today, 94 donors have given $22,542 since the fundraiser launched on the 1st. A good start!

The SENS Research Foundation has a track record of producing results, as I outlined recently. The philanthropy of past years has blossomed into a first round of startups, clinical development, and greater ongoing funding: Gensight is commercializing an approach to mitochondrial repair, Oisin Biotech is working on senescent cell clearance, and Human Rejuvenation Technologies was formed to further develop the use of bacterial enzymes to remove of some of the metabolic waste compounds that contribute to atherosclerosis. The wheel is turning and now is the time for greater efforts, to remove the hurdles and fund the groundwork needed for the next round of biotechnologies for human rejuvenation.

I ran up a pair of new fundraising posters over the weekend, sticking to this year's simple motif of text and color, suitable for signs and more visible from a distance. This year's fundraiser is a stretch goal for our community, based on how we've been doing over the past couple of years. We need to get out there and wave the flag, track down new supporters and expand our corner of the world, the small community interested in actually getting something done about aging.

2015 Fundraiser #1: 4200 x 2800px

2015 Fundraiser #2: 4200 x 2800px


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