A Rise in Rhetoric for Radical Life Extension

It is interesting to note a growth in discussion of radical life extension as a goal, and this from groups entirely outside the established community of supporters and advocates that came into being a couple of decades ago. Progress in development and advocacy arrives in waves over longer periods of time, and we are in the midst of the start of a new wave. We should expect to see new ventures and new faces, disconnected from prior efforts and coming to this with their own ideas and preconceptions. This is the way in which the patchwork of human endeavor takes shape over the long term.

In connection with the recent funding round for Human Longevity Inc. and resulting coordinated publicity, it is interesting to see the comments below from one of the involved groups, an established incubator-slash-fund focused on healthcare. As I've noted in the past, Human Longevity Inc. is a personalized medicine and genetics company, and not set on a road that can contribute to radical life extension. Other approaches are needed for that, but if people are genuinely interested in the goal of far longer healthy lives - as opposed to merely saying whatever will talk up their positions - then eventually they will gravitate towards the approaches with potential, such as the SENS research and development programs.

StartUp Health, a global organization leading the movement to transform health by building the world's largest community of Healthcare Transformers, today announced the launch of StartUp Health's Longevity Moonshot, a mission to extend and enhance healthy life by 50+ years and change the face of aging. Marked by StartUp Health's recent investment in Human Longevity, Inc (HLI), the genomics-based, technology-driven company led by co-founder and CEO J. Craig Venter, PhD., HLI was selected to be the founding partner of the Longevity Moonshot. "Aging is the biggest risk factor for every significant human disease. We are excited to be launching The Longevity Moonshot with Human Longevity, Inc. as the founding partner because we believe that together we can inspire a global community of Healthcare Transformers to join our mission to extend and enhance a healthy lifespan and ultimately improve the health of billions. By collaborating as a networked community, we can change the face of aging forever."

"Human Longevity, Inc. is honored to partner with StartUp Health and collaborate with their global community of Healthcare Transformers committed to transforming health," said Dr. Venter, co-founder & CEO, Human Longevity, Inc. "Our goal is to solve diseases of aging by changing the way medicine is practiced. Having the opportunity to actively network and engage with other innovators with the same mission will help us all revolutionize healthcare." The StartUp Health Longevity Moonshot is the first moonshot that StartUp Health is organizing for its community of Healthcare Transformers to focus on, with additional moonshots set to be announced throughout the year. StartUp Health is already working to support the White House Cancer Moonshot and The Cancer Moonshot 2020.

Link: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/04/prweb13334849.htm


I've said the same kind of thing before. More people are talking about it every year and its a great reminder to keep spreading this around and getting this cause into peoples eyes and ears.

Posted by: Ray Keyes at July 16th, 2017 2:23 PM

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