The War on Aging

It is always pleasant to see the emergence of new advocacy efforts that support the sort of rejuvenation research carried out by the SENS Research Foundation, and here I'll point out one that I had not noticed until quite recently. That there are enough people out there working on projects of this nature for things to slip past is a positive sign in and of itself. The community of supporters is growing.

First and foremost it is important to understand that aging is not something mystical or incomprehensible. Aging with all its symptoms and all its associated diseases is caused by the accumulation of damage in our bodies over time coupled with a lack of repair thereof. These damage types are at the root of all the degenerative processes that happen to the human body as we get older as well as all the diseases of old age. It turns out there are comprehensive answers on how to effectively combat and reverse each of these damage types already. Research with the focus on ending aging is happening in independent laboratories around the world, mostly funded and coordinated by the SENS Research Foundation. In short: By repairing the body using treatments that we are capable of developing using today's technology we can effectively treat and reverse aging. This is extremely good news!

Why have I not heard about this in the news? It's really quite frustrating. New concepts, rejuvenation research in particular (just try talking to anyone about it), tend to take a while to catch on and in this case time will mean the difference between life and death, health and suffering for millions. There is this notion that living longer translates to a prolonged period of frailty and suffering when this research is about the exact opposite: restoring youthful vigor. To most people rejuvenation remains an impossible pipe dream because they don't pay attention or take the time to inform themselves about medical advances or progress in research. They have their viewpoint defined by pro-aging movies and other popular media. As long as the general population does not change their mind about how they feel about rejuvenation research, governments and the mainstream media won't take it up as a serious field of research. History has shown how much resistance there is towards new ways of thinking and how irrational that resistance seems when looking back. The more radical the idea, the bigger the resistance. To believe that aging is avoidable or indeed reversible may be the most fundamental paradigm shift that humanity has ever had to go through and as ridiculous as this may sound to future generations, we currently live in a world where most people frown upon the idea of being young and healthy for as long as they desire.

What can I do to support rejuvenation research? Put simply: New medical technologies don't fund themselves. The future we get is the future we choose to invest in. The war on aging has already begun. It is happening now and it can be won within our lifetime if we push to reach human longevity escape velocity. The SENS Research Foundation is spearheading the movement and has the most feasible and comprehensive approach to curing aging. They are a non profit organization, their research is thorough, well documented and transparent so it is easy to follow along with their progress, plans and goals. That is why our vote goes to them for support. We live in an exciting time where we have the chance to see a world free of involuntary suffering, frailty and death from aging and age related diseases, but if we want to be around to see this world become a reality we need to do our part in supporting the research. The most important part is continuous funding and advocacy. Talk about this subject matter with other people, spread awareness and excitement and sign up for a monthly donation on the SENS Research Foundation website today for a future unbounded by an inevitable age-related demise.


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