This Giving Tuesday, Help to Bring an End to Age-Related Disease, Pain, and Death

It is Giving Tuesday once more, a time to look ahead and consider how we can improve the future of humanity through philanthropy: to join forces and fund the projects that will build a better tomorrow. A time to not just think about it, but to take action - to make a difference. Many of us believe that the most effective approach given the present human condition is to work towards bringing an end to aging, as the cell and tissue damage that causes aging is by far the greatest source of suffering and death in the world today. That damage can in principle be repaired, and there are now a number of non-profit organizations in our community working in various way to help advance the state of the art in rejuvenation research, from the SENS Research Foundation and Methuselah Foundation that fund research programs in laboratories and companies to the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation that works to raise awareness and enable crowdfunding of novel scientific projects.

Pick your cause and do something to help them move ahead today: do your part to make the world a better place. This year Fight Aging! supports the SENS Research Foundation, aiming to expand the research programs that have led to so much success and progress in past years. Josh Triplett, Christophe and Dominique Cornuejols, and Fight Aging! have put together a $36,000 challenge fund, and we will match the next year of gifts for anyone who signs up as a SENS Patron by making monthly donations to the SENS Research Foundation. It's easy, just visit the donation page and get started! The SENS Research Foundation also accepts donations of stock and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins and ether. All single donations made today, on Giving Tuesday, will be matched from a $20,000 challenge fund put up by the Foster Foundation. What better time than now? Help us to empty these challenge funds, and put that money to work in accelerating progress towards working rejuvenation therapies.

Additionally, we have new posters for you to share: spread them far and wide, to help make people outside our community stop and think a moment about their future and the possibility of treating aging as a medical condition. These new fundraising posters were generously provided by Ariel, Vladek, and team, who have also been translating a number of Fight Aging! posts into Russian these past few months on a volunteer basis. The modern longevity science community is spread across many more languages than it used to be, but it remains that case that all too much of our discussion and content is in the English language only. The more translation the better.


@Reason, I just got a thank you email from Jerri Barrett saying that there was a $125,000 matching fund for 1:1 matching from 10/1-12/31/17. Did you know about this? That means there is still time for anyone to contribute and get this match on their money. You should repeat this incentive until the end of the year.

Posted by: Morpheus at November 28th, 2017 11:25 PM

That's good poster, Reason.

Posted by: Mark at November 29th, 2017 3:08 AM

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