Repair Biotechnologies is Hiring a Senior Research Scientist / Project Lead in New York State to Speed Work on the Treatment of Aging

Bill Cherman and I founded Repair Biotechnologies earlier this year in order to work on a few carefully selected approaches to human rejuvenation, following the SENS philosophy of damage repair. If one can be involved in the hands-on work, then why not be involved in addition to cheering from the sidelines? So here we are, being involved. I will have a longer update on progress at Repair Biotechnologies next month; the short version for now is that (a) starting a company involves wading through a stupendous amount of learning, exploration, and setup work, and (b) things are going swimmingly.

We will be moving up to New York shortly to locate ourselves near Ichor Therapeutics, in LaFayette just outside Syracuse, and are now hiring our first scientific staff, beginning with a PhD level lead research scientist. The job posting is below; other positions will follow. If you know of scientists in your network who might be interested in an entrepreneurial role in helping to build some of the first working rejuvenation therapies, then please share this opportunity with them.

Repair Biotechnologies is a newly funded biotech startup developing treatments to reverse the progression of immunosenescence and atherosclerosis in old age. We are developing gene therapy and recombinant protein approaches to meaningfully address these widespread and harmful age-related conditions. Do you want to be involved in making an enormous positive difference to the lives of tens of millions of older patients? We have an immediate opening for our first technical lead in Lafayette, NY; a PhD with experience in molecular biology, gene therapy, cell and animal studies, able and proven to perform original research at the highest level of quality.

You will be helping us to define and complete our early stage development programs, working in the environment of an admired, busy, and expanding biotech incubator. You will design, execute, and troubleshoot cell and animal studies, in a critical position to guide the success of these programs as they move towards regulatory approval. You will be responsible for ensuring the quality and documentation of the work as it progresses. As new team members come on board, you will be setting a high bar and mentoring their development as researchers.

The ideal candidate will be detail oriented, recognize that we all live and die by the quality of our documentation, be able to produce quality work in a fast-paced and flexible environment, collaborate well with fellow scientists, and demonstrate the ability to learn and grow as our company expands to meet the challenges of building effective treatments to reverse aspects of aging. The qualifications:

  • PhD in cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, or related field (ABD acceptable).
  • Technical expertise in recombinant protein expression and/or viral vector production.
  • Experience in cell culture and assay development required.
  • Experience in husbandry, gene therapy, and biologic drug discovery and development are preferred but not required.
  • Must be able to operate independently and as a part of a team for execution of projects of varying scale.

LaFayette is a beautiful part of New York state with exceptional quality of life and low cost of living. Health benefits, competitive salary, and employee equity in the company are offered. Interested? Send your CV to


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