The Longevity Film Competition, Advocacy for Rejuvenation Research

The volunteers at Heales and the International Longevity Alliance last organized a film competition in support of longevity science and longer, healthier lives back in 2015. Now the second competition in this series is underway, with its own website, and the aim of spreading the word about the potential inherent in the treatment of aging as a medical condition. Given enthusiasm and funding, aging might be controlled and halted in the decades ahead, through the development of therapies that repair its root causes. I hope to see a brace of interesting entries as this contest progresses, given the growth in our community over the past few years. If you have an idea and the time to act on it, why not give it a try?

This is an international film competition created to help convey the importance of addressing age related disease. Our jury is composed of filmmakers, scientists, successful entrepreneurs and experts in the fields of regenerative medicine, aging, and longevity. We are living in very interesting times, times of constant change. The scientific community is telling us that soon we could enjoy much healthier and longer lives thanks to technological advancements happening at an accelerated rate. The future can be bright and healthy and we want more people to know about this amazing prospect and want them to get involved in this important mission; the mission of healthy longevity.

However, describing something potentially beautiful is not always easy. We think you can help by making a (very) short movie conveying that a longer and healthier life thanks to sustainable medical interventions, will be a very positive thing for citizens and society alike. Help us spread the word in the right way, help us make sure people understand this is about health and that for the first time in history the possibility of tackling aging is not science fiction, but science fact. Join us in this crusade by entering our competition presented by the SENS Research Foundation, the Healthy Life Extension Society and the International Longevity Alliance and not only potentially help saving lots of lives, but also win the first prize of $10,000! We look forward to your ideas on how to better communicate this important message to the world.



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