This Giving Tuesday, Support Rejuvenation Research at the SENS Research Foundation

It is Giving Tuesday today, a prompt for each of to think about the change that we would like to see happen in the world, and then do our parts in making it happen. We can all be philanthropists, we can all support the projects that we believe will improve the human condition. In the sciences, it is largely exactly this sort of motivated philanthropy that funds the most important progress, that which takes place at the cutting edge of research. Public funding for research is near always only awarded after the discovery is made, after the proof of principle is demonstrated. Commercial funding tends to arrive later still. The vital work of generating that proof of principle is, in practice, funded through donations made to researchers and research institutions.

A good example is the progress towards real, working rejuvenation therapies, those based on the SENS model of periodic repair of cell and tissue damage, that has been generated by the SENS Research Foundation and Methuselah Foundation before it. These projects have been near entirely funded by our community over the years, and have led to multiple lines of work making the leap from laboratory to startup company. These are our success stories: we all helped to make this happen by choosing to donate in support of the SENS rejuvenation research projects. We have made a start, but there are still important projects to assist.

The SENS Research Foundation year end fundraiser is running, and this Giving Tuesday give some thought to supporting the work of the foundation on bringing rejuvenation therapies to the clinic. What sort of future do you want to see? One in which we are ever less troubled by the suffering and disease of aging? Then donate to the SENS Research Foundation; it remains the most effective organization in this field when it comes to making progress in the fundamental research of human rejuvenation, advancing the most promising programs from laboratory to clinical development.

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement, giving power to individuals for the transformation of their communities and to create a global impact. The idea is simple: do good. Started in 2012, this idea has inspired millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity. This year, maximize the good your gift can do by donating to SENS Research Foundation.

For this year's #GivingTuesday event on December 3rd, 2019, we're delighted to announce matching challenges from long-term supporters Christophe Cornuejols and David Chambers. Christophe will match the first $20,000 donated at any time on Giving Tuesday, and David will match the first $10,000. Thanks to their combined generosity, the first $10,000 given will be tripled, and the second $10,000 will be doubled!

Chrisophe said that "it is my strong belief that we are the first generation in history which has the capability to decide to be the last generation to die of aging or be the first not to. The evolution of science and technology gives us that choice. Either we invest in research in this area now, and gain 20, 30, 200 years of healthy life, or we leave it to a future generation. It's just up to us to decide."

David notes that "I've known Aubrey for fifteen years, and witnessed him over that time energise a new field of scientific endeavour. I'm convinced that donations to SRF will realise great improvements in human wellbeing."


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