The 2020 Year End Fundraiser Brought in More than $2 Million for the SENS Research Foundation

The SENS Research Foundation represents the best of charitable organizations working on the treatment of aging as a medical condition. It is well run, focuses on approaches capable of rejuvenation rather than merely modestly slowing aging, devotes funds and attention towards those projects in rejuvenation research that most need support in order to advance, and has a great track record when it comes to helping development programs to make the leap from academic laboratories to commercial development in startup biotech companies.

The SENS Research Foundation is near entirely supported by philanthropy, including the donations of a community of thousands of everyday visionaries, people just like you and I who want to see meaningful progress towards therapies capable of sizable degrees of human rejuvenation. For some years now, the SENS Research Foundation has run an annual year end fundraiser, bringing in millions in funding. Those funds were used well in helping to advance the state of the art in rejuvenation research.

On that topic, I'm pleased to note that last year's fundraiser, concluding a few short weeks ago, succeeded in raising more than $2 millon to help fund the rejuvenation-focused projects of 2021. From the latest SENS Research Foundation newsletter:

SENS Research Foundation supporters, thank you for going above and beyond with your generosity, especially at the end of such a difficult year. Your commitment to helping #UnlockLongevity brought in $2,355,443.46 - more than doubling our end of year campaign fundraising goal of $1M! Special thanks to Michael Antonov, Brendan Iribe, Karl Pfleger, Jim Mellon, Cameron Bloomer, Dave Fisher, Christophe Cornuejols, Didier Coeurnelle, and Larry Levinson for their matching grants during the campaign, as well as to all of you who donated at every level.

Your support means SENS Research Foundation can hit the ground running as we start 2021, with exciting research progress, facility upgrades, and more on the horizon. It means so much to us to have a community behind us that truly shares our vision of a world free of age-related disease, and is willing to help do what it takes to make such a world a reality sooner rather than later.

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