Longevity Science Foundation Commits to $1 Billion in Research Funding Over the Next Decade

The inaugural press release from the Longevity Science Foundation touts their commitment to put $1 billion over the next ten years into research aimed at extending the healthy human lifespan, but is light on details as to where the funding is coming from. It is unclear as to how aspirational versus actual the proposal is. That said, the people involved are serious and successful scientist and entrepreneurs in the field, so we shall see. It is certainly the case that more sizable initiatives are needed, as well as more initiatives devoted to projects focused on the biotechnologies of rejuvenation, and not merely efforts to reproduce the effect of exercise or calorie restriction. Given the vast ongoing toll of suffering and death caused by aging, there is room for far more research and development funding than is presently devoted to this cause.

A consortium of biotech founders, clinicians, and leading longevity research institutions announced today the launch of the Longevity Science Foundation. The new Swiss foundation has committed to distributing more than $1 billion over the next ten years to research, institutions and projects advancing healthy human longevity and extending the healthy human lifespan to more than 120 years. The Longevity Science Foundation will provide funding to promising longevity research institutions and groups around the world. The focus of the Foundation will be to select support projects in four major areas of healthy longevity medicine and tech - therapeutics, personalised medicine, AI, and predictive diagnostics. The Foundation is seeking to fund projects that can make a significant difference in people's lives as soon as possible - even within five years.

One of the main focuses of the Foundation is in driving longevity medicine from theoretical concepts to real-world applications. The Foundation's donations will support the transformation of scientific findings and deep technological advances into treatments and solutions that can be used in the clinic today. By identifying and funding the most promising and cutting-edge advances, the Foundation seeks to address one of the most pressing issues in the science and applicability of longevity medicine - radical inequality in accessing and understanding longevity-focused treatment. Significant funding gaps remain an obstacle to bringing longevity medicine out of the laboratory and into the real world.

Link: https://longevity.foundation/tpost/g9kst7iaf1-longevity-science-foundation-pursuing-12


This is an amazing year for rejuvenation. Altos Labs, Longevity Science Foundation. Billions of dollars both. And 28 millions for SENS. This never happened before. Let's hope it's only the beginning. The biggest industry in human history must have the greatest investments in history.

Posted by: Jonathan Weaver at October 7th, 2021 5:56 AM

I'm sensing a lot of "vapor funds" emerging in the longevity space (announcing funds before any true money is at the table)

Usually these big fund raises are accompanied by some announcement in the PR about who the limited partners are in the fund

The last few of these fail to mention any of that.

Are we to believe that this "Visionary Board" just stumbled into an extra $1 billion, while it seems they have all been struggling to raise in the low millions for their day jobs / research.....

Posted by: Greg Kellman at October 7th, 2021 6:09 AM

Well, if current 'money' printing levels are sustained $1bn probably won't be all that much in 10 years time. ;p

Posted by: Jones at October 7th, 2021 11:36 AM
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