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Live Longer World's Aastha Jain maintains an interesting selection of podcasts and video interviews with various people in and around the longevity industry and the related scientific community focused on interventions in the aging process. That includes an interview with me, from a couple of months ago, should you find yourself interested in a random walk through some of my views on the state of the field.

Live Longer World provides you information on the science and practical mechanisms on how we can slow and reverse aging. For those baffled by me calling aging a disease, the easiest way to think of aging is damage accumulation happening in our bodies. Over time, this damage accumulates, wears us down, leads to onset of diseases, aging, and death. But what if this damage could be reversed? And science is showing that it is indeed possible. We can slow the accumulation of damage and also reverse it, and Live Longer World provides you information on how both are possible through different communication platforms and methods.

The newsletter is focused mostly on science-backed lifestyle methods to slow aging, optimize health, biohack, improve healthspan, and feel more energetic. Simple lifestyle practices can go a long way in maintaining optimal health and a robust immune system. If you care to know best science-backed tools to optimize health, sign up for the newsletter.

The science of aging is moving rapidly and making progress at defeating age-related diseases and aging itself. Live Longer World Podcast takes you right where the action is happening! Through conversations with scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and other advocates revolutionizing the field of longevity science, we tell you how you can be disease-free, reverse aging, and maximize longevity in the future. Further, the YouTube channel covers the video versions of the podcast - discussions with scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and other advocates moving the science and technology of longevity forward.



After I watched Reason's interview (on YouTube), I then watched the David Gobel one. Both are very interesting, hopefully her channel will keep growing.

Posted by: Steven B at November 22nd, 2021 10:40 AM
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