SENS Research Foundation is Expanding

The non-profit SENS Research Foundation is expanding their research center in the Bay Area. A number of interesting projects relevant to human rejuvenation are underway at their facility, such as work on allotopic expression of mitochondrial genes. This follows a sizable increase in funding last year, arriving from the cryptocurrency community. One of the more interesting and perhaps less visible consequences of the use of blockchains to create cryptocurrencies is a concentration of wealth in the hands of comparatively young, comparatively visionary people who are willing to try to change the world, such as by, for example, funding high risk, high reward projects in medical research and development.

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of the SENS Research Foundation's Research Center to over 11,000 square feet with the addition of new lab and office space. This is more than doubling our current facility in Mountain View, California that is home to the foundation' global operations.

Thank you to all the donors who made this expansion possible. We are grateful beyond words for your ongoing support, as it has enabled us to rapidly expand not just our lab space, but our internal research programs, as well as the equipment and other resources needed to accelerate the defeat of age-related disease. We will host a Grand Re-Opening early this summer to which everyone will be invited - watch your inbox and stay tuned for details.




Posted by: Cuberat at April 11th, 2022 7:01 AM

@Cuberat. I'm not so sure. The emphasis / interest / payout (wages) seems to be on more research / facilities but not on progressing to clinical trials then to market. I wonder how long the financial backers will tolerate this?

Posted by: TB at April 17th, 2022 10:16 PM
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