The 2022 Longevity Summer Camp for People Who Want to Work in the Longevity Industry

The Less Death non-profit is founded by folk from the longevity community, with advisors that include a few of the long-standing SENS Research Foundation scientists and some of the early entrepreneurs in the longevity industry. This group is organizing a four day summer camp in June for people who want to work in the growing longevity industry. It is a good thing to make it easier to enter this part of the biotech industry, either as entrepreneurs or employees at early stage biotech companies. The focus is on education, but building a network of connections with those already involved in the industry is the real benefit to this sort of meeting.

Less Death is a nonprofit with the mission to support the growth and effectiveness of the longevity industry's workforce. We help aspiring longevity engineers start or advance their career by providing education, career guidance, mentorship, experience, networking and employment opportunities.

While there is an emerging consensus that aging will yield to science and technology, most (if not all) currently living humans will not survive to see the post-aging future - unless progress is accelerated. The longevity industry needs more founders, scientists, engineers, programmers, lobbyists, project managers, technicians, operations and logistics experts, and many more. If you are passionate and talented, our goal is to help you find an effective way to contribute.

Join us this summer to start building a future with Less Death: a crash course on aging biology and longevity technology - with personalized advice on effective ways to contribute! Workshops by experienced longevity engineers; career strategizing inspired by Effective Altruism; mapping of critical path longevity technologies; fun and healthy longevity themed activities; building community to scale and sustain effort; career opportunities via residencies and recruiting.


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