Ambitious Goals at Mitrix Bio

Mitrix Bio is one of the companies developing the means to produce large amounts of mitochondria for transplantation. Cells will take up new mitochondria from the surrounding environment, and mitochondria can be harvested from cell cultures. Mitochondrial function declines with age, the result of (a) gene expression changes in the cell nucleus that alter mitochondrial dynamics and the quality control process of mitophagy, and (b) damage to mitochondrial DNA. Evidence from animal studies suggests that replacing mitochondria in aged tissues produces benefits to health and organ function that last for long enough to be interesting as a basis for therapy. From a regulatory perspective in the US, harvested mitochondria are in the same class of treatment as harvested stem cells, so it is somewhat easier to progress to initial human trials than is the case for new drugs. It will be interesting to see the results.

We are proud to announce "The 130-Year-Old-Lifespan Trials". Our volunteers - mostly in their 70s and 80s - aim to be the first people in history to break past the current "Lifespan Barrier" for the human species, which stands at 122. We aim to give them average lifespans of 130 with the health, strength, and appearance of 50. This trial will be conducted in our new division - Biotech Explorers. Because there will be very limited space to treat people in the early years, this treatment will be provided initially to current and former astronauts, and children with certain premature aging diseases.

We've known for the past year, from animal trials, that bioreactor-grown mitochondria transplantation had the potential to dramatically speed healing, fight infection, and extend lifespan. We could see in animal tests in the brain, muscles, immune system, and skin, that the effect was real. Other types of mitochondrial transplantation have already been safely used for in human patients for rare diseases. The 130-year-old lifespan treatment will be based on Bioreactor-Grown Mitochondrial Transplantation - a technique that our parent firm Mitrix Bio has been developing for several years. We are now making animals in the lab younger routinely.

Now the job in front of us, is to make the leap with careful, rigorous human trials targeting a 130-year-old lifespan. There is so much work to be done, but our team of top scientists from major universities and other research groups are ready to take on this challenge.