SENS Research Foundation and to Merge

Merging the non-profits SENS Research Foundation and is one of those ideas that makes a lot of sense in hindsight. SENS Research Foundation is research focused and very much interested in expanding into patient advocacy, as it depends on philanthropic funding. is a patient advocacy organization that is very much interested into expanding into helping to advance the science of aging and clinical trials for therapies of aging. They complement one another, and may well produce greater gains as one organization than as two., renowned for its unwavering advocacy for longevity and responsible journalism, is joining hands with SENS Research Foundation, a trailblazer in longevity-focused research and a pioneer of the damage-repair approach to combating aging. Together, these organizations bring a formidable quarter-century of combined expertise to the table. Their collaborative efforts have propelled the field forward and been instrumental in garnering recognition for longevity research as a vital and transformative industry.

This merger represents a deliberate alignment of research and advocacy efforts, uniting them toward the immediate goal of expediting advancements in extending healthy human lifespan instead of waiting for the distant future. With an aim of bolstering the industry at large, they will offer a platform for information creation and dissemination to foster global impact. By pooling together resources, expertise, and networks, the newly formed entity is positioned to significantly influence the progress of rejuvenation biotechnologies while enhancing public awareness and involvement.

Upon completion of the regulatory process, the merger is slated to be finalized by the end of 2024. Lisa Fabiny-Kiser as Chief Executive Officer, and Stephanie Dainow as Chief Business Officer are poised to be Co-Founders of this new entity, joined by an equally representative Board of Directors. By leveraging their combined strengths and a redoubled focus on impactful and translatable research, the merged organization will serve a key sense-making and unifying role for the longevity industry, accelerating the development, translation, and equitable distribution of therapies to increase healthy human lifespan.


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