From the Latest Alcor Newsletter

It sounds like Alcor - the cryonics provider - has wrapped up the legal unpleasantness with the family of Ted Williams. From their latest newsletter:

The court has finally issued a final judgment in the TW matter as it pertains to the rights of the nephews to examine the document of gift.


While we consider this judgment a significant victory, Alcor reserves the right to exhaust our legal remedies in this case and we will review the order with legal counsel to determine if further legal action is required prior to the December 30th deadline.

This judgment puts the TW affair to rest for now. However, that does not mean to say that John Heer will not try to come back with another attack.

As wrapped up as it gets in these matters, in any case. There is a real lesson here with regard to ensuring that your relatives are not going to try and destroy your cryopreserved body after death. If you're new to this story, you can use Google to find a wide range of articles and commentaries (biased in all directions) from various points in the drama.

Also worthy of note is the announcement of a new cryonics documentary in the works:

Alcor has given the green light for creating a high-quality documentary about cryonics. The documentary is being filmed in HDTV by a professional film crew and it is being produced by Debra Johnson, a professional producer with many years of experience in the television industry. This film will take a scientific approach to the subject of cryonics and it will contain many interviews with leading scientists throughout the industry. It will also contain member interviews and footage of the Alcor facility. The finished product will be made available to members to use as a recruiting tool. It will also be used on selected broadcast media stations to publicize Alcor and the field of cryonics.

This is a part of Alcor's new publicity and awareness program - a very good and necessary thing in my view.


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