Aubrey de Grey at TED Global

For a splashy, high-power conference on the future of technology, TED Global 2005 has certainly left very little imprint in the media. Biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey was one of the speakers this year, there to talk about the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence and the future of healthy life extension research. You can find a non-Macromedia program of speakers elsewhere online - Peter Diamandis, Craig Venter, Kari Stefansson and Richard Dawkins are some of the other noteworthy folks.

One can hope that Aubrey spent his time turning his considerable charisma to forging potential relationships and cultivating donors. As opposed to, say, punting, that is ... as that post notes:

The attendees, while too engrossed to write, were still able to snap away? Including this one of extropian anti-aging beard-king Aubrey De Grey on a punt!

So come on people - there have to be some attendees out there in the wider blogosphere up to writing first hand reports of the bioscience topics to go with all those photographs.