More of the Right Attitude

I am always pleasantly surprised to see a very positive, mindful article on healthy life extension in the media, especially coming from reaches of the community I was unaware existed. It's a sign of growth, that the concepts of progress in longevity science and support for research are spreading. From the American Chronicle: "History unequivocally demonstrates that money is essential for invention. It shows that the larger the share of the economy that goes into research and development, the larger the amount of discoveries. It is a very straightforward correlation. Therefore, the larger the amount of cash that goes into biomedical gerontology, the sooner will humanity possess a technology that will allow people to live to two hundred years. ... What could possibly be more important than that? What could be more relevant than that? There is obviously nothing worthier than life. Most people believe there is such a thing as the right time to die. There is no such thing. ... if what we have today is good, then living to two hundred will also be good."



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