Alcor's Epilogue

Way down at the bottom of the left navigation bar of the Alcor website stands a link entitled "Epilogue." I don't know whether you folk have ever wandered that way, but it's a potent thought for the day:

What kind of world will another century bring? History teaches that humans will become much better at meeting both their basic needs and higher aspirations. People may reach across frontiers of time and space more vast than their ancestors dared dream.

The first generation that will see the 22nd century is already here. They are our young children. Among them are individuals who may see the 23rd century and beyond; people who will one day walk under strange stars and skies; people whose lives and worlds will grow beyond the imagination of science fiction.

The last generation to fall short of future centuries might not have to. All revolutions begin with a small group and a new idea. At Alcor we have an idea that may be more revolutionary than any ever before it. That idea is:

If humanity can survive long-term, then so can we.

This is why we support healthy life extension and cryopreservation research and development - because a golden future of growth and exploration lies ahead, science fiction made science fact, and to miss out on a moment of it would be a tragedy.

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