Writing Off Telomolecular

I was on the way to writing off research company Telomolecular earlier this year. It looks like that was the right sentiment; I am disappointed, as the science they were claiming looked very promising. From the Sacramento Bee: Telomolecular "was accused of bilking investors nationwide out of $6.5 million by lying about the progress it was making in finding cures for cancer. ... Telomolecular's lawyer, Gerald Nieser, said the company has already cleaned up its act. 'The company has got all new management. Virtually no one is there now who was involved in the activities that the charges are based on.' ... the Securities and Exchange Commission said Telomolecular Corp. boasted to potential investors that was 'on the verge of success as a biotechnology firm.' That claim was untrue, the SEC said. The company instead was selling a cosmetic skin cream over the Internet and had done less than $100,000 in business in two years." There's no telling what's actually going on under the covers here, but any future science emerging from this direction should meet with skepticism.

Link: https://www.fightaging.org/archives/001432.php