More SENS4 Conference Coverage

As a follow-on from Friday's post, allow me to point you to more coverage of the 4th Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence conference held over this past weekend. We'll start with an additional post from Ouroboros:

SENS4, Session 12: Novel anti-cancer approaches

Cassian Yee spoke about treating cancer with adoptive T cell therapy. Briefly, it’s a personalized approach to cancer research that attacks tumours using the patient’s own T cells. T cells are extracted, modified in a number of different ways to improve their function, grown into a much larger population, and then finally re-infused back into the patient.

You should also take a look at the SENS4 conference thread at the Immortality Institute. Institute organizer Mind was in attendance and streaming video as the conference progressed; you'll find a number of those videos archived at the Immortality Institute Ustream Channel - including that presentation on adoptive T cell therapy:

Amonst the other material is a three part video of the presentation (part one, part two, part three) given by Natalia Gavrilova on factors influencing survival to the age of 100. Many thanks go to Mind for taking the time and effort to attend the conference and put this all together.

I expect that more material will surface later, as is customary. Past SENS conferences have been well recorded on video, but that material usually required a couple of weeks to make it online in its final form - see the quality videos of presentations given at SENS3 for example.


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