A Profile of Dave Kekich of the Maximum Life Foundation

Investors Business Daily is running a profile of entrepreneur turned longevity science advocate Dave Kekich, who you might recall was one of the first wave of donors to support the Methuselah Foundation back when it was getting starting. If you'd like to know more about the driving force behind the Maximum Life Foundation and the recent Manhattan Beach Project activities, then take a look.

Dave Kekich Seeks The Fountain Of Youth:

Told that he would never walk again, Kekich sank into hopelessness. "I felt my life had pretty much ended because I was much into the physical aspect of life," he told IBD.


Having regained a great deal of lost confidence, Kekich started a venture capital firm in his bedroom. He raised money for entrepreneurs from angel investors and took a few companies public. Over 10 years, he closed about $22 million in venture capital deals. He pocketed millions in income but declines to say exactly how much.

After raising $300,000 for paralysis research over 12 years, Kekich realized that even if he could walk again, he'd "still be faced with all the horrible (side effects) of aging - cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's," he wrote in his 2009 book, "Life Extension Express."

He figures that 150,000 people in America suffer from spinal cord injuries, but they're dwarfed by the 6.5 billion people who will one day have to contend with old age. So with a few hundred thousand dollars of his own money, he founded the Maximum Life Foundation and moved back to California.

His nonprofit is dedicated to raising money for biotechnology research that will lead to medicine and therapies to reverse aging.

It is an illustrative lesson for those folk who wonder what it is they can contribute to the future of human longevity. Never let it be said that you can't succeed, or can't contribute, or can't find a way to do what you want to do in life. It won't be easy - nothing worthwhile ever is - but what you achieve is almost entirely up to you.


Very Inspirational, a good role model for all of us.

Posted by: Marci at August 6th, 2012 6:21 AM

Is the Maximum Life Fouundation still operating? I went to the website MaxLife.org Great information in the MaxLife Express book but there doesn't seem to be any new 2012 newsletters and then clicking on links at the website t; MaxLife/telemeres there was no new information and also on another link there was something about a letter by the Feds and stopping a website selling bonds(?). On a recent 2012 YouTube video Mr. Kekich was asking for donations and offering to sell a nutrient formula called "Stem Cell 100". After reading Mr. Kekich's profile and his book "The 7 simple steps to make 100 the new 50" I felt his heart and helping others survive was in the right place but I wonder,"What happened?". Why did his MaxLife.org website come to an end?

Posted by: David at January 2nd, 2013 12:05 AM

He certainly still runs a newsletter, and yes the Foundation is still operating so far as I know. Beyond the newsletter I'm not certain of the present activities, or where the focus is.

Posted by: Reason at January 2nd, 2013 8:08 AM

I stumbled on your quote in a book I was reading. I then checked into it and could not believe it was you. I purchased your house here in Johnstown. Very impressed David. I plan to read more.

Posted by: Nedra A. Ridella at July 18th, 2015 8:10 PM
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