Health Extension Salons, Bay Area and Expanding

The Health Extension salons are an ongoing series of meetups in the Bay Area for people interested in supporting and advancing longevity science, associated with the energetic technology entrepreneur community there. This sort of initiative is important, as grassroots efforts associated with this community have a way of growing and getting things done.

There are a number of presentation videos at the meetup site from previous events, and you might consider helping out if you are in the area:

The Health Extension community is committed to information sharing and collaborative action to extend healthy and happy human lifespans to 123 years and beyond. Our members are scientists, entrepreneurs and social influencers dedicated to fixing the degenerative cellular processes that cause deadly human diseases.

This community began in early 2012 as informal meet-ups in the home of Joe and Lisa Betts-La Croix. Our 100+ members now meet monthly at Y Combinator HQ in Mountain View, California with plans to launch salons and other projects in Los Angeles and New York in 2013.



Hi! My daughter is Tallulah, I know you both from about 12 years ago. I have a website now - - that would love to post information about your organization. I already post info from International Longevity Alliance, Maximum Life Foundation, and other life extension organizations, and I am looking to promote more groups. If you want to send me articles or newsletters or progress reports, I would post them and promote them via social networks. You can send the articles to

Posted by: Hank Pellissier at January 2nd, 2013 11:17 AM

Everything at Fight Aging! except for the articles section is creative commons. You can repost content anywhere you like without having to ask provided there is attribution and a link back to the original.

Posted by: Reason at January 2nd, 2013 12:33 PM
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