The International Longevity Alliance

This past year, efforts have started in the longevity science community to form single-issue political parties in Russia and some European Union countries. This is a long-standing form of advocacy in that part of the world, where political systems are structured in such a way that having a formal party - even if small - opens the door to reaching more people with your message. Successful examples from past years include the Green Party and the Pirate Party.

The various newly-founded longevity party initiatives have a unified banner organization called the International Longevity Alliance. That group recently launched their website:

The International Longevity Alliance promotes the social struggle against the deteriorative aging process and for healthy and productive longevity for all, through scientific research, technological development, medical treatment, public health and education measures, and social activism.

We believe that this goal can be achieved through broad public cooperation and support, from all nations and all walks of life. Hence, the International Longevity Alliance promotes the creation and international cooperation of social activist and advocacy groups from across the world.

Advocacy Groups within the International Longevity Alliance have been initiated in more than 30 countries. Currently we are in the process of official registration as a non-profit, non-governmental international public association. Several options for registration are considered, mainly in the US and EU, that would ensure the optimal and egalitarian international cooperation. Petitions in support of research of aging and longevity are being promoted in the EU, US and Russia.



I wouldn't want to hitch the SENS cart to this mind uploading / singularity horse. The postings on that site have a certain breathless quality that saps their credibility.

What "we" need is to generate more scientific research showing the feasibility of defeating ageing. This dividend from initially modest philanthropic funding will attract larger but more conservative sources of funding. Breezy, inchoate speculations with no actionable content are rather a distraction.

Posted by: José at December 17th, 2012 6:23 PM

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